Great Ambitions

Theological Society Trustees and Executive Committee

In these corona days of dashed hopes and cancelled plans, it can be hard to find inspiration and energy for new initiatives. It has been heartening therefore that theologians in Malawi have been able to come together to form a new association that will foster their collaboration and development in future.

Over the last three days the Theological Society has been meeting at Ekwendeni, on the campus of the University of Livingstonia. Since last year I have been chairing an interim committee charged to set up the Society and it was a pleasure yesterday to hand over to a properly elected Executive Committee. Felix Nyika, Joyce Mlenga and Herman Mvula are now, respectively, Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. Having worked with them over the past year I know that the Society will have high quality leadership.

Amongst its aims are the following:

developing a networking system through which members can effectively discuss pertinent ideas and share important information.

establishing a systemized library linkage to ensure that members can have easy access to libraries.  

fostering a culture of writing by organizing meetings specially designed to improve the writing skills of members.

enhancing faculty development through learning new lecturing techniques from other theological organisations and by supplying external examiners. 

bringing theological perspectives to bear on social, economic and political issues that present themselves in Malawi and in the world at large.

The new Society has given itself broad scope and great ambitions. Watch this space.

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