Coronavirus Context

Ken has spent the coronavirus period in Zomba, Malawi. With borders closed all travel plans are on hold. Ken is at his home on the Zomba Theological College campus. This is his primary base but the College has been closed since 20 March 2020 as part of Malawi’s preventative measures aimed to contain the coronavirus. When one door closes another opens and Ken has welcomed the opportunity of this restricted period to work with his close friend and colleague Klaus Fiedler on a book project. The plan is to produce a textbook on Malawi Church History. A course on this subject is taught at many Colleges and Universities in Malawi but until now there is no comprehensive textbook to support it. Our challenging task therefore is to comprehend in a single volume the entire story of Christianity in Malawi from 1860 to 2020.

Meanwhile the spread of the virus has been very limited in Malawi so far. We hope and pray that this will continue to be the same but meanwhile remain vigilant. While managing preventative measures in relation to COVID-19 Malawi also has to prepare for a Presidential election, after the courts annulled the one held last year. It is a challenging situation for the country – a tense and uncertain time.

Farewell Argyll

After nine wonderful years Kenneth and Hester Ross concluded their time in Argyll on 17 March 2019. A happy baptismal service at Kilninver Church was followed by a farewell lunch at Seil Island Hall – an unforgettable occasion.