Hitting the Sweet Spot

It is an exhilarating moment in sport when you hit the “sweet spot”. These days I enjoy it the odd time that I hit a really good shot on the golf course. In earlier days an unreturnable shot on the squash court was a great source of satisfaction.

Back in my day job of doing theology and promoting theological education, the recently completed National Theology Conference at Nkhoma felt rather like hitting the sweet spot. It was one of those occasions when everything just worked to perfection.

It was clear that the event was just what its participants had been longing for. This gave it a certain drive and spirit that set it apart from most meetings. As a result, there is momentum. Already there are signs that it is bearing fruit.

An online continuation of the conference is being mooted, publication of the main results in book form is being planned, already people are looking forward to next year’s event, and a working group is turning its attention to the task of creating the formal structure that will support the enterprise.

In a year when so much has been cancelled or postponed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we are privileged to have had such a “sweet spot” moment and to be able to sense the emergence of something new and creative.

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