The New Normal

It was an emotional moment today when Zomba Theological College reopened after almost half a year when its programmes have been in suspense. The emotions were mixed – relief and delight that the long wait was over and classes could resume but also apprehension and uncertainty as we still don’t know what trajectory the pandemic will take in future.

On the plus side, the number of reported new covid cases in Malawi has been declining for the past month. On several days recently the numbers have been in single figures. The hospital wards that were set aside for covid patients are mostly empty. We know, however, that there is no room for complacency. There are countries where the virus seemed to be in retreat only to resurge and start to advance again.

Hence the assembly with which we began today saw everyone sitting outdoors, spaced out and masked. The “new normal” of face covering, frequent hand washing and regular fumigation is now in force. 

It means that everyone is still on edge, yet glad to be together again, ready to adapt to new conditions and taking courage to venture ahead in faith.

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