Zomba Book Launch

This afternoon the chapel-cum-hall at Zomba Theological College was well-filled for the launch of my Mission as God’s Spiral of Renewal book. The College really rose to the occasion, with stirring presentations from Mzuni Press the publisher, two critical reviewers of the book and an interviewer who fired searching questions at me. These stimulating presentations aroused enough interest to ensure good sales when it came to the book signing.

For me it was something of a “home game” and very moving to launch the book in the good company of many old friends, colleagues and students, as well as a strong representation of the current generation of students. My hope at such an event is that the value of writing and publishing will rub off on others.

In this case, it is particularly encouraging that the Book Launch was not a stand-alone event. It was billed as the first in a series of Research Seminars to run at Zomba Theological College from this semester onwards. Usually these will feature not a published book but rather research that is in progress and that can benefit from the solidarity and critique of a peer group. The regular Seminar can become a factory that produces future books and articles – and makes a key contribution to the College’s journey to become a recognised University. It was good to sense that today’s event was whetting the appetite for meaningful research and publication.

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