Women of Faith

A cheering sight, and a very common one, when you travel around southern Africa is a group of women of faith. They make a visual impression because they wear a distinctive uniform. For Presbyterian women in southern Malawi it is a white blouse, white headscarf and black skirt.

The reason it is cheering to see them is that you know they are doing something good. They have come together in their distinctive dress to encourage each other in their faith and devotion, and to undertake compassionate service.

Their focus is on the most vulnerable members of society – the sick and the needy. In most cases they are not particularly well off but they give freely of themselves and their resources to offer assistance to people in need. In a context where there is no welfare state to provide support at times of sickness, unemployment or old age, this is a vital service.

In our acquisitive and consumerist world, what an inspiration to encounter groups of women who gladly give their time and resources to compassionate service without any expectation of material reward. Needless to say, they are also the backbone of most church congregations. 

When we are looking for a moral compass there is much to be learned from humble women of faith who come together across Africa to sing and pray and serve.


  1. How good to receive your Partner Plan Letter today Ken, and to be in touch with you again. Rae & I will sure be upholding you & yours in prayer. CCAP is very blessed to be having you on board and we shall follow your news with interest. I’ll contact WMC tomorrow, giving them my mobile phone no. to pass to you so that we might WhatsApp (great facility!) from time to time. Bless you my friend. George


    1. Great to hear from you, George, and very much appreciate your encouragement and support. Funny to be writing a PP letter again but I am enjoying being back in harness. Hope all good at your end. with warmest regards, Ken


  2. I can fully endorse Ken’s experience of women of faith in the CCAP church. One of the best experiences I had during a visit to Malawi in 2018 was the afternoon I spent with the Women’s Guild of the CCAP church in Bemvu. Around 40 women danced and sang joyfully from one home to another visiting older women who could no longer get to church. At each home gifts were given and a mini church service took place with prayers, a hymn sung chosen by the woman being visited, African songs sung and danced to and a sermon preached. Such joy and happiness every step of the way and in my eyes the women’s guild reflected the power, generosity and simple goodness of the women of Malawi.


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