Meet Dollas – Masters Student at ZTU

Rev Dollas Mhone

Rev Dollas Mhone, can you introduce yourself to this blog?

My name is Dollas Mhone from Chidumayo village, Mzimba district, in the north of Malawi. I was born on 16th December 1981. I am a single mother of a girl child. I did my secondary education at Mzimba Secondary School. Then I went to Lilongwe Technical College and got a diploma in Human Resources and Management in 2011. I worked with First Merchant Bank (now Called First Capital Bank) from 2011 to 2013. I joined the Holy Ministry in September 2013 and did my studies at Zomba Theological College (ZTC), now a University and got my first degree in 2017. Currently, I am serving at Elangeni Congregation, supervising Mapanje Congregation and I am head of station at Elangeni Secondary School under CCAP, Synod of Livingstonia. I am also doing my MTh at ZTU.

What prompted you to apply for the new MTh course at Zomba Theological University?

What prompted me to apply for the MTh programme is that I wanted to upgrade my academic and divinity studies so that I can be better equipped to win many souls to Christ and proclaim the good news of Jesus’ teachings to all levels of humankind. “I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to other towns also because that is why I was sent” (Luke 4: 43).

How has been your experience of the course so far?

My experience in the MTh programme at Zomba Theological University is very interesting because I have been equipped, molded, sharpened and enlightened. I find I am looking at things very differently than I was before. In short, it is an eye opener to me.

What are your hopes for the future if you can complete the MTh degree?

If I manage to complete MTh degree, my hope is to go on to gain a doctorate in Biblical Theology in order to become like our ZTU Lecturer Rev. Dr. Gertrude Kapuma, teaching in Theological Universities.

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