Masters in the Making

Master of Theology programme, Zomba Theological College – Day 1

It has been an exciting couple of days for our College in Zomba as our much-awaited Master of Theology degree programme got off the ground. The 22 students come from many different parts of Malawi and bring a rich variety of life experience to their studies.

For the four of us who are teaching the programme it was time for courses that had been long in the pipeline to emerge into the limelight. The contextual theology core course that I am teaching is quite original. So far as I know it has never been taught anywhere before. Following the contextual theology principle of “dig where you stand” we are examining fifteen dimensions of Malawian life that call for theological engagement. There was no need for any ice-breaking – it was lively discussion from the word go.

I am also teaching an elective course on church history and again it is very stimulating to be with such a motivated group. Though Malawi has a rich literature when it comes to church history there is much that remains unexplored and unwritten. As our new students set their sights on historical research, we can look forward to more wealth being unearthed to the enrichment of church and nation.

As we hear with alarm and dismay the ominous sounds of war in Europe, we are thankful to be in a moment of “bright, confident morning” and to be with students who give us hope for the future.

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